En dag med stor hockey för de små!

Iskampen (”The struggle on ice”) is one of Sweden´s biggest Ice Hockey events for hockey playing kids, for the age. The participating players are in the age of about 8 years (boys) to 10 years (girls). However, players as young as 4 years have participated. Teams from several districts gather at Vegahallen in the municipality of Tierp, about 50 kilometers north of Uppsala, to play ice hockey, to play more ice hockey and to play even more ice hockey. The whole day, that is! And the best thing: there is no cost for a team to participate! Nada, niente, zipp de dolares or pesetas! We do this because we like it. But the kids like it even more…

4 teams play on the ice at the same time and then we ”rotate”. See example of schedlue: 2016, 2015 and 2014. But that´s not the whole truth. Be do play some on the whole ice. All teams from south play togehter against all teams from north during Slaget om Dalälven (”The Battle of River Dalälven”). Why? Beacuse this is fun, as well. At least if you ask the kids. The kids also like the surrounding activities in the arena. In between the games, there are a lot to do. Shoot-out contest with prizes, Puck bowling, The wheel of fortune – this is some of the activities that we have had beside the rink.

Vegahallen can be reached easily by car. Just follow the E4 motorway from north or south ( guide here ). It takes about 30 minutes by car from Uppsala, about the double from Stockholm.

See us here @, Twitter account Iskampen and Iskampen_ @ Instagram. Or just search for the hashtag #Iskampen.

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